“A thousand words is one photograph for me – A thousand photographs is one word – Cyprus

As a young boy growing up in Cyprus my childhood was filled with beautiful landscapes drenched in the pure light from the dazzling bright skies.

The sun beaten backdrop was the canvas against which I began to notice the remarkable variety of images of the island of Aphrodite.

My archive covers the Cyprus of my youth, the trauma of war, the emerging republic and a modern EU country.

Today I return to Cyprus every few months, always with my camera in my hand. I still take pictures of the landscapes, the archaeology, the traditions, the Cypriot faces and the civilisation.

Being Cypriot-centric I take photographs of Cyprus not just with my camera but with my head and my heart too.”

Dotes Partasides was born In Cyprus in 1944 and joined the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation’s film unit as a cameraman in 1966.

His work was soon acknowledged to be outstanding and imaginative and he gained a scholarship for a post-graduate diploma in Film and Television at the Royal College of Art in London in 1971.

He went on to produce some of Cyprus’s most memorable documentaries. During the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus Doros was on the front fines filming and photographing the trauma 0f his country.

Soon after Doros produced his first photographic book, Cyprus 1974: Days of Disaster, which also exhibited at The Photographers Gallery, in London.

Other exhibitions including, the Commonwealth lnstitute, House of Commons, European Parliament in Brussels. Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Milan, Athens, also Gallery K in London and Cyprus.

The outstanding body of wok has become one of the most important documents on the tragedy of the island.

In the months after the invasion Doros moved with his family to Britain and settled in London where he continued to work as a London correspondent and cameraman for CyBC.

Today he covers the major news and cultural events of the Cypriot diaspora in Britain and Europe.

And his photographs appear regularly in the British and European press, including the Observer, The Guardian and The Sunday Times.

Both Doros’ film work and photography has continued to attract acclaim in Britain and Cyprus and he worked on several critical documentaries for Channel 4, most notably The Green Line. and Unemployment by the Unemployed, and Between Two Cultures. Also Crossing the Line, Cyprus, the Holy Island, Cypriot Diaspora, and Theogonies.

Doros has also produced for several photographic books, including Rebecca is a Cypriot, The Portraits of Makarios and The Green Line – The Divsion of Cyprus.

Portrait photography soon became his specialism as he enjoyed the candid emotions he could draw from his subjects.

The pictures in his last book Faces of Cyprus are the results of a lifetimes work. For Doros. living away from Cyprus has made his bond to the country stronger and it has become central to the work he has produced. Doros lives in London with his wife and family.